Corporate Responsibility

Vantage Energy is developing your energy resources in a responsible and environmentally safe manner. By producing natural gas, a cleaner energy source, Vantage is contributing to a responsible energy future for everyone. Our operational track record serves as an example of our dedication to the environment, health and safety.

Southwest Nature Preserve

Southwest Nature Preserve – Funded by Vantage Energy


Safeguarding the Community

We work with all stakeholders – employees, contractors, landowners and local residents to minimize our impacts in the community. Vantage uses the most efficient technology, under strict commitment to regulations, and industry best practices. We work hard to not only meet regulation guidelines, but also to constantly improve upon our benchmark standards by engaging the communities in which we operate. We implement numerous methods to reduce surface impacts, including closed-loop mud systems, fracking source chemical reporting, and water management systems.

Core Values

Responsibility is a core value for Vantage. Maintaining a safe and healthy workplace along with environmental stewardship steers Vantage’s responsibility practice. We believe that sustainable and profitable growth is only achievable through an operation that values the livelihood and safety of the communities where we all work and live. Our stakeholders would agree that Vantage provides value, not only through economic growth, but also through peace of mind by upholding strong ethical and safety standards for employees and partners.