Southwest Nature Preserve

Southwest Nature Preserve – Funded by Vantage Energy


Vantage Energy considers responsibility a core value, and environmental stewardship a key component of our operational success. We must take care of the communities we live in and be good stewards of the resources we develop. We work with all stakeholders – employees, contractors, landowners and local residents to understand environmental concerns and to continue to minimize our  surface impact. At Vantage, we have a strict commitment to adhering to regulations, but we take it a step further by  constantly improving our internal benchmark  for environmental responsibility.



Our commitment to the environment:

Green (Non-Flare) Completions

During flowback, we work to eliminate emissions by employing green completions technology. This is a commonly used operational practice in our Texas operating area.

Closed Loop Mud Systems

Closed loop mud systems eliminate the need for open mud drilling pits which reduces the impact on the local ecosystem while minimizing our loction footprint. Vantage utilizes these environmentally friendly systems in  both  Texas and Pennsylvania operating areas.

Reducing Truck Traffic Through Water Lines

In our Texas operations we are utilizing  water pipelines to greatly reduce the impact of truck traffic while hauling water . This reduces our carbon emissions and increases operational efficiency.

Electric Powered Drilling Rigs

Electric powered drilling rigs reduce noise pollution in our urban development areas and reduce carbon emissions.  We are routinely using this environmentally conscious method in our Texas operation.

Fracking Source Chemical Reporting

Going above and beyond the regulations, we voluntarily report our fracking fluid chemicals for all hydraulically fractured wells. Transparency and commitment to our stakeholders are core values throughout the company.

Liners on Pads

To protect the environment, we use protective liners on well pads and drill sites in many of our locations.These liners improve our reclamation time and minimize disturbance to the  pad surface.